Need Of Vertical Housing In Pakistan

Increasing population and migration are leading to an increased demand for housing and it is quite difficult to meet this demand for housing through horizontal housing. As it has got numerous drawbacks such as deforestation, and taking up fertilized lands thus resulting in limited irrigation and crop production. So, the future of urbanization in Pakistan only seems to be vertical housing as is evident from the increased demand for apartments and flats, and their perception as a modern way of living.

Signature Properties is here with an analysis of how the future of housing depends on vertical housing.

Vertical Housing In Pakistan:

Considering all the benefits of vertical housing and the increasing demand for housing, vertical housing seems to be the future of residential real estate in Pakistan.

Traditional housing in Pakistan is based on horizontal housing but this seems to be the short-term solution and that is why the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2021. Shown considerable interest and appreciation for the development of skyscraper vertical buildings.

This seems to be a particularly more appropriate solution for housing in big cities such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, and numerous other provincial capitals and cities.

Benefits of Vertical Living:

Vertical living has got numerous benefits which are as follows;

An Approach Towards A Modern Lifestyle:

Skyscraper buildings such as KBD tower at Eighteen Islamabad are the trademarks of urbanization with all the big and developed cities all over the world being adorned with them. Apartments and flats are considered a symbol of modern and luxurious living and are in great demand among college students, bachelors, couples, and small families. The development of vertical buildings can provide this felicitated lifestyle to many individuals.

Economic Way of Living:

Skyscraper buildings offer a more economic way of residence in the form of condos that are more economical than any other real estate property and need less initial costs and maintenance costs.

Ecological Sustainability:

Vertical buildings bring ecological sustainability and a sense of social responsibility as the space that would otherwise have been consumed by a single individual or family. Now serves many individuals and families and develops a sense of social responsibility among the citizens of a society.

Sense of Togetherness:

Tall vertical buildings provide residents with a close-knit environment. Where people share numerous amenities a result of which is the development of a sense of togetherness among the people.

Generation of Solar Energy:

Vertical buildings can become totally independent in terms of energy and power production as several solar panels and windmills can be mounted on their rooftops leading to their own electricity production.

Several housing projects such as Eighteen and Nova One Lahore are offering to avail the best of vertical buildings.

More Land For Irrigation and Greenery:

With increasing global warming and climate change, it has become a global need to plant more trees and plants. Moreover, the increasing population requires more land for irrigation for more crop production to meet the food needs of this increasing populace. It is through the development of these vertical buildings that more space can be preserved for growing trees and increased irrigation.

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